Urban land planning and urban land management and capacity building, including training.
Country experience
Vietnam, India, Nepal, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Malaysia; Egypt, Jordan; Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia; Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile; Poland, USA, UK
English, French (reading only)
Educational and professional qualifications
BS Civil Engineering
MA City Planning
American Institute of Planners, American Institute of Certified Planners


Independent consultant, DPU-Associates, London, UK
Coordinator, DPU-Associates, London, UK
Visiting Fellow, School of the Built Environment, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford
Senior Associate, Development Planning Unit, University College London, providing teaching in urban development planning and in land for housing
Editor, Development Planning Unit Working Paper Series, University College London
Senior Lecturer, formerly lecturer, Development Planning Unit, University College London, teaching urban land management (including planning), urban management, and land for housing in post-graduate courses, and supervising PhD students of these subjects. Director, MSc degree course in Urban Development Planning; Director of Research; Director of Short Courses, on Management for Metropolitan and Municipal Development, on Urban Land Policy and Management, and on Urban Land Use Planning; Director of post graduate Diploma course.
Transport Planning Officer, London Borough of Lambeth. Designing and implementing - using extensive community participation - schemes of traffic calming and diversion to improve neighbourhood environments.
Head of Forward Planning Section, formerly Town Planning Officer, Department of Urban and Physical Planning, Ministry of Lands and Settlement, Nairobi, Kenya. Preparing, and monitoring the implementation of plans for the use of land in Kenya's municipalities; proposing land acquisition programmes; proposing changes to land planning legislation.
Town Planning Officer, Town Planning Department, Ministry of Regional Administration, Kampala, Uganda. Revising land use plans for the redevelopment of the town centre of Jinja.
Area Planner (earlier Comprehensive Planner), Philadelphia City Planning Commission, Pennsylvania, USA. Developing and facilitating the implementation of land use plans for, and the improvement of environmental conditions in, a specific district of the city through processes directly involving the resident communities.
Town Planner, Somerset County Council, U K. Revising and facilitating the implementation of land use plans and environmental improvements for the town centre of Yeovil and other urban centres in the county.
City Planner, Brown and Anthony City Planners, Inc, New York City, New York. Assisting the formulation of land use plans for cities and towns in the States of New York, Ohio and Maryland.
City Planner, Blair and Stein Associates, Washington DC. Executing land use and transportation planning studies for communities in the State of Maryland.


2013-to date
UK. Adviser on urban research to the Urbanisation and Infrastructure Research and Evaluation in Nigeria project conducted by GHK Consulting Ltd., the Development Planning Unit, University College London, the University of the West of England, and the Foundation for Development and Environmental Initiatives, Ibadan, Nigeria (U K Department for International Development).
UK. Consultant to the Overseas Development Institute, drafting the urban component of a literature review of property rights and development for DFID of the UK Government, which focused on security of land tenure and investment.
Kenya. Consultant advising on training needs assessment and capacity building to help implement land reform provisions of a new constitution and national land policy, as well as the development of a generic method for doing both (UN-Habitat, SIDA, Government of Kenya).
2010, 2014
Germany. Lecturer delivering the urban land management component of the International Postgraduate Course in International Cooperation and Urban Development, Technische Universitat Darmstadt.
Vietnam. Lecturer delivering the urban management component and the urban land management component of the Master of Science degree course in Urban Development Studies, Vietnam German University, Ho Chi Minh City.
UK. Member of the core team assessing the provision of planning education across the Commonwealth for the Commonwealth Association of Planners. (CAP)
Trinidad and Tobago. Expert reviewing the Master of Science degree course in planning and development of the University of the West Indies.
UK. Consultant producing a quick guide on land for housing the urban poor for the United Nations Human Settlements Programme and ESCAP for use in Southeast Asia.
UK, India, and Ghana. Member of management Steering Group for the Natural Resources Systems Programme of research of the Department for International Development, Government of the U. K., responsible for peri-urban interface production systems research. focusing on East Kolkata (West Bengal) and Hubli-Dharwad (Karnataka), India and Kumasi, Ghana (DFID/HTS)
UK. Leader of team synthesising and disseminating the findings of a decade of research in Africa and India on livelihoods, poverty, and natural resource based production at the peri-urban interface funded by the Natural Resources Systems Programme, a programme of DFID (DFID/HTSPE)
Jordan. Consultant reviewing the local government capacity building project of the German Government's programme of support for decentralisation. (GTZ)
UK and France. Co-director of research on the capacity of neo-customary peri-urban land delivery systems in 9 countries of Sub-Saharan Africa to provide housing for poor people, with Alain Durand-Lasserve, CNRS and 10 in-country collaborators. (PRUD(Government of France) and DFID)
Zambia. Leader of a team conducting a review of PROSPECT, the flagship urban poverty alleviation programme of CARE International funded by DFID. The review aimed to identify the impacts of this programme, to evaluate the sustainability of these impacts, and to point out options for any sequel to the programme. (DFID)
UK, Nepal, Indonesia, Ghana and Uganda. Leader of team researching rapid spatial planning practices that aim to support urban infrastructure investment taking place in Indonesia, Nepal, and India. A training manual was produced that was field tested in short courses in Uganda and Ghana. (DFID)
UK and Ghana. Leader of a team developing guidelines for strategic environmental planning and management of the peri-urban interface which will benefit the poor, involving research in Ghana, India, and Colombia. The guidelines were field tested in these countries. (DFID)
Namibia. Team leader of the preparation of a new proposal for urban local governance support through capacity building and an up-dating of the review of Ibis' support to the urban sector upon which to base such a proposal (IBIS/DANIDA)
Tanzania, with another, assessment of municipal training needs for implementation of the National Sustainable Cities Programme and to advise on the future of the Urban Authorities Assistance Unit, currently responsible for the facilitation of Sustainable Cities Programme activities in Tanzania. (DFID/British Council).
Namibia. Team leader of a review of the entire programme of technical assistance in capacity building to the urban sector by the Danish Government, (DANIDA)
UK. Consultant to edit a technical report for publication on an innovation in land registration in Namibia (DANIDA/IBIS-Namibia)
Namibia. Consultant reviewing a programme of capacity building in a new municipal government (DANIDA/IBIS-Namibia)
Argentina. Consultant designing and delivering a short course on urban management to university and local government personnel (British Council).
China. Consultant delivering a lecture series on urban planning in the U K to staff of provincial and local government in Guangdong Province (British Council).
Nepal. Consultant designing and delivering a training course in urban planning to professional staff of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Government of Nepal (GTZ).
Poland. Consultant to assess the potential for coordination of donor funded economic and social development projects for Krakow City. (Know-How Fund/Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
Poland. Consultant to provide Polish partner institution with advice and assistance in creating and operating a programme of training which will install in local authorities an improved process of urban land management, a project jointly undertaken with Llewelyn-Davies Planning. (Know-How Fund/Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
Zimbabwe. Consultant designing and delivering a short, in-house training course to government staff on the preparation of rural master plans. (SIDA/SWEDEPLAN)
Namibia. Consultant reviewing a project of support to the recently created Ministry of Lands, Resettlement, and Rehabilitation in land use planning and land administration. (DANIDA/IBIS-World University Service - Denmark)
Namibia. Consultant to appraise possibilities for strengthening the capacity of the Municipal Council of Oshakati, the first of the new local governments to be created by a recently formed independent government. (DANIDA/IBIS-World University Service - Denmark)
Nigeria. Consultant to develop a joint proposal for the strengthening of a Nigerian non-governmental organisation as a possible regional research and training centre for the Urban Management Program of the UNCHS/WB/UNDP. (Overseas Development Administration)
Mexico. Consultant providing a training workshop to government and university staff on the planning of urban areas to increase their productivity. (Mexico State Government/British Council)
. Consultant supporting a workshop on the planning of land in a rural district of special potential. (SIDA/SWEDEPLAN)
. Consultant reviewing the programme of German Government technical assistance in support of urban land development. (GTZ) UNCHS (Habitat) in Nairobi. Consultant to provide guidlines for a theme paper on improving municipal management.
Nigeria. Consultant designing and delivering portions of a short in-service training course on infrastructure project formulation and implementation to government and private sector bank officers. (World Bank/Nigerian Government)
Zimbabwe. Consultant on in-service training in national, regional, and urban development planning to government officers. (SIDA/SWEDEPLAN)
Namibia. Consultant advising on the building of capacity to perform national land use planning within central government agencies of this newly-independent country. (DANIDA/World University Service - Denmark)
South Africa. Leader of team assessing training needs of non-governmental organisations for improvement of slum and shanty areas. (ODA and the ANC)
Ghana. Training consultant to the United Nations Development Programme, Koforidua on the preparation of district development plans. (UNDP)
Nigeria. Co-director of training course on housing policy for the staff of state planning agencies, using housing conditions in Owerri as the basis for learning by doing. (BC/ODA)
Nigeria. Consultant to prepare proposals for additional training in urban development planning for state and federal government officials. (ODA/BC)
Nigeria. Director of a training course on land use plan preparation for the staff of state planning agencies that used the revision of the master plan for Maiduguri as the basis for learning by doing. (BC/ODA)
Republic of China. Trainer in the international programme on urban land policy. (Land Reform Training Institute)
Malaysia. Trainer in the international programme on low-income housing at the Malaysian civil service training centre. (INTAN)
Nigeria. Director of a three-month training course on the administration of urban plans conducted in Kano, for the staff of state land planning agencies. (BC/ODA)
Republic of China. Trainer in a special programme for staff of the Housing and Urban Development Bureau of the Provincial Government. (Republic of China)
Nigeria. Consultant to the British and Nigerian Governments to assess training needs and design short duration training for urban planners. A year programme of short courses on different key issues resulted that was implemented over three years in separate parts of the country. (ODA/BC)
India. Trainer in workshops on development control and housing. (Madras Metropolitan Development Authority)
India. Member of consultant team proposing a framework for evaluating Calcutta's Bustee Improvement Programme, for many years the World Bank's largest urban programme. (ODA)
Jordan. Lead trainer in workshop on regional context for the Amman Urban Region Planning Group and trainer in workshop on plan formulation. These workshops were key elements in an 18 month capacity building programme for a newly-created regional planning agency. (USAID)

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