Podcast (2022) 'The power of ideas and metaphors in international development policy' (Desmond McNeill)

In a podcast for In Pursuit of Development on 22nd March 2022, Professors Dan Banik (the Host) and Desmond McNeill discuss the role and influence of ideas and metaphors in development, the contradictions of foreign aid and the potential for financing global public goods.

In global development, ideas have power and some ideas or concepts such as social capital, human development, the informal sector, and sustainable development have been highly influential. The development agenda also includes metaphors that can shape how we think and hence how we act.

Professor Desmond James McNeill has worked extensively on issues related to global governance, aid, and sustainable development and on the links between research and policy. He was director of the Centre for Development and the Environment at the University of Oslo from 1992 to 2001. And from 2001 and until a couple of years ago, he was Head of Research, and Director of the Centre’s Research School.

Professor Dan Banik, University of Oslo, Twitter: @danbanik, @GlobalDevPod

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