After 14 years of international experience as an urban planner in government and consultant organisations, Michael Mattingly gave 29 years to to post-graduate teaching, consultancy, and research at the Development Planning Unit, University College London. He has worked in over 20 countries of Africa, Asia, North and South America, and Europe. His interests now focus on:
  • urban land planning and urban land management that is innovative;
  • urban development management; and
  • capacity building to perform urban development.

Work in urban land management has ranged from the preparation of urban physical development plans to creating guides on urban land for housing poor people and on spatial planning to support urban infrastructure investment. His research has explored land, livelihoods, and environmental management at the peri-urban interface, plus, rapid physical planning techniques and neo-customary land management in African cities.

Training and teaching has included directing for many years the MSc course in urban development planning for the Development Planning Unit, University College London, delivering the components on urban planning, on urban management, and on land for housing, as well as short courses on these subjects. Recently, he has been teaching urban land management in Viet Nam and Germany.

As a capacity building consultant, he has designed, delivered, and/or advised on short training courses in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, as well as reviewing or developing several institutional capacity building programmes.

Before joining the Development Planning Unit, he practiced urban planning for the governments of Uganda, Kenya, a London borough, a UK county, and a major American city, and he worked as a planner for two private consulting firms.

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